Before you head for, tips for fakes

Fake ID are considered by many as the skeleton key of weekends, the one thing that many under-aged party goers want to get their mitts on to enjoy a good time outside the dorm rooms or their houses.


Getting one can be as simple as heading for and getting an order, which is nice. Or, you might opt not to talk to us here at BudgetFakes, but instead ask someone you trust if they know a guy. Regardless, the best thing for you to do is to learn a little for you to do is to know what you're dealing with. We know fake IDs and the people that deal with them, but do you?


So we here at BudgetFakes looked around for a bouncer who's willing to share some advice, and listed some tips to help.


  • The holograms of poorly made fakes are usually just photocopies of keys, which are easy to spot. Best to keep an eye out for that to see if your fake is good.
  • IDs that are the real deal, but obviously acquired from an older friend isn't going to work. Height is one of the most common oversights, as people tend to borrow from older friends with widely different heights.
  • Bouncers check every little detail to spot a fake, not just the obvious stuff like height, weight, hair and eye color. Little things like freckles, beauty marks, scars; the most thorough bouncers will check every little blemish, every wrinkle to spot a fake. Ok, maybe not exactly, but you get the idea.
  • Should your fake actually be confiscated or rejected, should you argue with the bouncer? Obviously, no, as you just tried to get past them with a fake ID. If you do want to take it back to get into spots with bouncers that aren't as stringent, then the smartest way to go about it is to give them time to simmer down then ask for it. Promising to never bother them might also help. Oh, and cash, that works too.


Here's something that isn't really from a bouncer, but useful nonetheless. If you're just looking to buy booze, don't bother with going to to get a fake ID. There's quite a few places that really don't enforce that law to much; delis, even liquor stores. Ask around, maybe there's one nearby.